Extra warranty

Extra warranty
If you want to protect your purchase and prevent any unforeseen events that may occur, CeramicStore allows you to extend the warranty for the products purchased for a further 2 years, at a truly negligible additional price.
This type of extended warranty will be valid from the 25th to the 48th month following the purchase and will be valid in all cases except those relating to accidental damage or resulting from improper use of the product or if the items were to be tampered with.
The extra warranty option is only available on some products in the catalog: in each product description sheet, of course, it is indicated whether or not the service can be activated.
To be able to do so, within seven days from the delivery of the goods, you can simply follow the instructions received by e-mail, following the confirmation of the order, and activate it comfortably in a few clicks. You will receive a detailed email containing the guarantee certificate, which you will need to keep for the entire period of validity of the service.
If you use the warranty extension service, you will have to bear the additional costs related to the shipment of the products.
In the event of withdrawal from an order placed, you will also be reimbursed for the amount relating to the extended warranty extension. In no other case, however, will you be able to obtain a refund of the extra guarantee.
You are protected in any case, always!

For more information on the costs applied for the warranty extension, you can consult the table below. Of course, the costs are calculated according to the products in the cart, for which you choose to add the option of the extra guarantee:

 Price from Price to Cost1 € 200 € 5.99 €201 € 400 € 9.90 €401 € 600 € 9.91 €601 € 1000 € 9.91 €1001 € 1200 € 9.91 €1201 € 2000 € 9.91 €2001 € 100000 € 9.95 €
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